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From a low in August 2013 to lifetime high in March 2014: What changed in 6 months?

On 28th August 2013, the Sensex closed below 18000 and the Nifty at 5285. Headlines in popular media went something like this: – Sensex recovers after morning crash, ends 28 points higher, The Hindu – Sensex drops over 500 points, Nifty slips below 5,150, The Economic Times As always, when markets are down, most of […]

Prosperous New Fiscal Year 2010-11

There is a reason to be happy this new fiscal year, 2010-11. All of us (with a savings account) will earn more. Although the savings account deposit interest rate remains unchanged at 3.5%, your bank will pay you more than what it did for so many years. (In other words, banks did not pay what […]

Money Matters

Physics, History, English…. We learn them in school. Why don’t we learn finance? Of course, we did from our parents and grandparents. As one grows from a dependent to independent to having-dependents, managing finance is such a key aspect that makes a significant difference in life. Managing finance isn’t just about making the ends meet […]