Category: Random musings & whinings

Elevator aka lift antics

Why do elevators have mirrors? It was the solution to complaints by people about the slow speeds of operation! Mirror creates a distraction, gives people something to do. So, what people do in a elevator during those few seconds or minutes- Count the days to go for the next weekend Calculate the hours of sleep […]

Media errors or just poor PR?

Schneider Electric acquired part of Zicom’s security business in India. The news received business media attention since Zicom is listed in Indian stock markets. So, came with it some publicity for Schneider Electric too. However- 1. Bloomberg UTV on TV referred to Schneider Electric as “Schneider Electronics”, at least once when I heard 2. Bloomberg […]

Croma Trauma

Tata’s electronics retail store, Croma is nice place to spend time in Eva Mall, Brigade Road. A few months back, we purchased a electric kettle to help boil/heat water for Aashira, without the hassles of a vessel-on-gas-stove-&-keep-watch. It was Croma’s own brand, I forgot the name. These in-house brands may not have the appeal of […]

I won the battle of Airtel

As Bharti Airtel celebrated its 100 millionth customer a few days, I was still fighting the battle of Airtel to get my personal number unlocked. It has been locked since 2 months for non-payment of bills. The reality: Airtel has screwed up with the change in account numbers somewhere around december-jan. Call centre say my […]

Cafe Messala

Aashira is 6 months and 10 days now. She is now manageable in restaurants. We have learnt to keep her entertained in restaurants, malls etc. So, we decided to buffet at Cafe Masala in Eva Mall. Just as we entered the restaurant, down came the rains pouring. In most cases, we would have been happy […]