Walk up to the front sooner than later, it helps

Corporate team events (off-sites, team building, leadership meetups) usually begin with an introduction. People take turns answering basic questions about them. Most times, they are coupled with “share something others don’t know about you” kinda twists to make the activity interesting. Inevitably, few smart and hilarious responses generate some lols and rofls (God save, if you don’t know “laugh out loud” and “rolling on floor laughing”). This is a good start to the event and helps break the ice.

However, how much information did you grasp about the other participants? Can you recall enough, to strike a conversation the next time you meet one of them in the break room or the lift? Did you utilize the opportunity to expand your network?

If answer is “No”, think think think… Why? Is it because you spent the time preparing your own little (impressive) story, and then tweaking it as somebody took away your plan? And in the progress forgot to “listen”!

If true, here is a simple idea- be the first or early few to walk up and do your part. Walking up to the front, sooner than later helps in 2 ways –

  • You can listen and absorb what others have to say
  • You exemplify proactive attitude

On the other hand, if you are organising the event, consider the alternative suggestion in point #5,6 of  “How to organize a retreat” by Seth Godin.