Understanding the mind, brain & heart of your boss

Bosses are humans too hence come with variety of minds, brains & hearts. They can be placed in 3 categories:

  • Bad.
  • Good but…
  • Excellent but…

Bad. is read as “bad period”! Simply incapable. You are plain unlucky. 0% brain, 50% mind, heart is immaterial.

Good but… are capable humans, good at heart. However, lack the might, strength to hold up. Expect being letdown. 100% brain, 50% mind, 100% heart.

Excellent but… are a gift. Thank your gods. The “but” factor is when “At times (not always) in complex situations, you present a logical case with every angle dealt with to conclude Option 2 is appropriate. Boss decides it is Option 1 without much explanation other than a long pause and gaze at you“. What happened? He is generally very good but at times, why does he do this? Understand the “but” factor- Boss received a signal from the mind bank of wisdom and judgment. Recognise this as the power of intuition and the ability to work with emotional intelligence. Learn the art. 100% brain, 100% mind, 100% heart.
(Keep a tab on such instances and note the times boss’ intuition proved incorrect. You may not be able to do much to change your boss but it will help improve your self-confidence & intuition)

Cartoon by John de PillisCartoon by John de Pillis