Uber gets to learn from the market

Question: When did booking a taxi become an exciting affair?uber1
Answer: When Uber was launched

I and my family & friends are enjoying the plethora of discounts & free rides that Uber has been offering. The technology is disruptive i.e it can break existing economics of the transportation business. Much as been said and written about Uber so I am not repeating them.

What triggered this post, in the news that a women was alleged sexually assaulted by a Uber cab driver in Delhi last night. It is suspected the driver was not the same person registered with Uber. This incident, irrespective of the outcome, is going to bring up questions & debates on the Uber model. Arguments will fly in both ways. Uber will probably have to:

– Tighten the relationship with drivers
– Authenticate that the driver is “actually” the same person registered with them. Probably, a finger print reader attached to the app used by driver.
– Let users decide the minimum expected rating of drivers who are assigned
– Start phone-based customer service

In my experience, most of the drivers have been disciplined. In a couple of instances when I was not very happy & shared a feedback with Uber, I got back a canned response that did not instill confidence.

These are the learnings in the journey of an emerging business.

(If you want to try Uber, you can use this link that will get both us some free credits)