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Travel Opportunity: Fly to Jaipur, Stay in a Palace/Fort @ ~Rs 12,000-Rs 15,000 (EXPIRED)

Origin: Bangalore Destination: Jaipur Travel: AirAsia India Bangalore-Jaipur @ ~Rs 4,000 Stay: In a palace/fort hotel in Alwar @ ~Rs 4,000 Miscellaneous: ~Rs 4,000-Rs 7,000 Window of opportunity: 2014, 25th Jul, 00:30 to 27th Jul, 00:00 (3 days) How To: 1. Book air tickets online on AirAsia 2. Pick a palace/fort hotel & book – […]

Avoiding early-mover’s curse in hotel bookings – How to catch the last-minute deals

Book early, save more. 90/60/30 day advance booking rates. Most of us are familiar with such offers to sweeten our hotel and resort bookings. Strange are the ways of dynamic pricing + occupancy rate targets + unknown factors, one could be a victim of early-mover’s curse i.e a well-planned booking made in advance turns expensive […]

Days in Srilanka: Travel tips & some observations

1. Bangalore & Chennai are nearly equi-distant from Colombo (little over an hour) but you will find significant difference in air fares. About 4-5 airlines fly Chennai-Colombo while only Srilankan Airlines fly Bangalore-Colombo. SpiceJet has launched Chennai-Colomobo and return fares are available under-Rs 5000 all inclusive. 2. The Srilankan tourism organization’s website is rich in […]

Days in Srilanka: Relaxed & Happy Vacation

It was a much sought after vacation since Aashira’s birth. Besides short drive trips to Mysore & Coorg, it had been over 2 long years. Srilanka was the chosen beach destination after Andaman & Lakshadweep lost out due to lack of direct flights from Bangalore and not-so-easy access to suitable accommodation from the destination airport. […]

Travel Guides

To this date I have not purchased a travel guide in the true sense of the word. From the time, I had the opportunity, time, money & companion to travel around; the internet has been the latest and greatest resource. I struck by the net to plan travel for my visits to and around Japan […]