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Days in Srilanka: Travel tips & some observations

1. Bangalore & Chennai are nearly equi-distant from Colombo (little over an hour) but you will find significant difference in air fares. About 4-5 airlines fly Chennai-Colombo while only Srilankan Airlines fly Bangalore-Colombo. SpiceJet has launched Chennai-Colomobo and return fares are available under-Rs 5000 all inclusive. 2. The Srilankan tourism organization’s website is rich in […]

Days in Srilanka: Relaxed & Happy Vacation

It was a much sought after vacation since Aashira’s birth. Besides short drive trips to Mysore & Coorg, it had been over 2 long years. Srilanka was the chosen beach destination after Andaman & Lakshadweep lost out due to lack of direct flights from Bangalore and not-so-easy access to suitable accommodation from the destination airport. […]

Prosperous New Fiscal Year 2010-11

There is a reason to be happy this new fiscal year, 2010-11. All of us (with a savings account) will earn more. Although the savings account deposit interest rate remains unchanged at 3.5%, your bank will pay you more than what it did for so many years. (In other words, banks did not pay what […]

Media errors or just poor PR?

Schneider Electric acquired part of Zicom’s security business in India. The news received business media attention since Zicom is listed in Indian stock markets. So, came with it some publicity for Schneider Electric too. However- 1. Bloomberg UTV on TV referred to Schneider Electric as “Schneider Electronics”, at least once when I heard 2. Bloomberg […]

Budgets of the past – The opening lines

Did you know all budget presented by various finance ministers since independence is available in pdf format at Indian Government’s budget website – indiabudget.nic.in. (The webcast of this year’s budget to be presented tomorrow, 26th Feb will also be available on the same site.) I happened to look at few of the budget archives and […]

Enterprise Activity Streams

“We lost a deal because we failed to bring out a differentiator in our approach strategy to the customer. A few days later, we discovered a working solution that could have made a significant difference to the outcome of the deal! The solution was developed within our organization by the different group but we were […]