Substandard Subway

Me and Ashu love Subway sandwiches. Be it Japan or India, we have been a frequent visitor to the nearest Subway outlet. However, one outlet has never failed to disappoint us- the one on Bannerghatta Road. 3 years back we visited the outlet around the time it had just opened. We were treated to a fresh worm in the salad! Freaked & furious, we never made it again. We visited the same outlet a few weeks back. Guess some things do not change with time. Besides the confused & under-staffed place, this time it was bitter cucumber & stale veggies!

1 thought on “Substandard Subway

  1. Sharath

    most of these new multinational food outlets [McD, subway, etc] are a ripoff in india. they provide substandard food for very high prices. makes sense to stick with idli dosa :D

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