New job offer- To take the plunge or hang on

Picture this- You receive the much awaited email from the HR recruiter. You click into it, download the attached offer letter and open it to find the offer match or even exceed your expectations- the designation sounds sexy, the salary increase ranks you on the top of the chart among friends, the salary structure is friendly, the employment terms (annual leaves, insurance, perks) are balanced. All sounds great.

(If you are the kind of person who likes to secure multiple offers, picture the above multiple times! :)

Next step is tough and important- to make the decision, to take the plunge or hang on.

Here is one idea to help your decision making toolkit- Make a request to speak to your future line manager/boss in the company. If not the manager, as close you can get to somebody senior in the business unit. Many times, it is the interviewer. Most companies do not have a standard procedure to facilitate such a discussion. So expect resistance, ignorance etc by the HR recruiter. Insist, if request doesn’t work.

Resort to simple, open-ended and honest questions about the role and future opportunities. Do not hesitate to ask about his/her experience in the company. Don’t probe or investigate.

Why and how does all this help? New job, new organization are career opportunities, at the same time are risky too. A right move can catapult you to a higher league and on a fast lane to meet your goals. A wrong move can set you behind by a few months, if not years.

Such a conversation helps mitigate the risk to some extent by providing-
-Insight into the job content
-Sense of the company values
-Subtle unwritten commitment from the company

Further, it creates a situation for the company to “market” itself and the position.