NetaNaap-Public perceptions on Indian politicians

NetaNaap - Participate to evolve a public perception on Indian politicians

Another app called NetaNaap, an attempt to build a public perception on the Indian politicians. Contrary to obvious belief, I started working on it much before the Mumbai terror attacks! When I came across Noah Brier’s, I was impressed with the approach. After some thought on the possible adaptations from an Indian context, I zeroed on the topic of politicians. I approached Noah and received a go ahead on the app. I took the opportunity to understand and build it on Google AppEngine. It also meant, I had to pick up on Python. With all the code samples all over the net, it was not very tough. For some interesting visualizations of the perceptions- Cloud, Table & Pie, I used the impressive Google’s Visualization APIs. For now, 42 politicians are on the list. “Dog” tops perceptions on V S Achuthanandan while “young” and “dynamic” are for Rahul Gandhi. Participate or kill time watching the activity! :)


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  1. Alper

    Rajiv,This is a nice social project..
    I would like to do a similar project for my country, Turkey.
    will you help me on this.
    please contact me, thanks..

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