Keep in constant touch with your management

Most of us like to keep in touch with our friends, family, and relatives over social networks, email or phone. How many of us keep in touch with our managements?

Everyday, we respond to emails, finish day to day activities, participate in meetings and so on. Besides, we consciously or subconsciously:

  • Assess or at the very least, observe the progress of project/program/organization.
  • Build opinions on various things – process, tools, vendors, decisions, teams

Do we share them beyond the coffee table discussions? We do in meetings or discussions, when asked for or even proactively. It may be good idea to take a step further and share these opinions in a well thought, clear email on relevant areas addressed to the management.

Of course, it is important to pick the right time, appropriate subject, use subtle language, modest tone, and imbibe character & attitude in the communication and many such “get it right” factors.

What is your opinion? What does your experience say?

1 thought on “Keep in constant touch with your management

  1. Phaneesh

    Very true!! these simple things in working environment depicts one person’s interest towards work what he is doing.

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