IndiaHikes & Aquaterra Adventure Calendar for 2024

2024 is here! A new year’s day is just another day in the life. Yet it is special because it is a new start. Another way to think about 1-January, one of the ~80 days assuming a life span of 80 years! It is matter of perspective.

What’s in the adventure store for 2024? Few adventure operators publish an annual calendar of activities. It takes vision, scale & history (even legacy) to plan and commit to an annual calendar. Vision means the founder and the team’s relentless pursuit to build an adventure organization rooted in a culture of safety. Scale is the organizational readiness & operational maturity. History is the years of experience, learning & sustained improvements.

In India, 2 organizations have reached the epitome- IndiaHikes for treks & Aquaterra Adventures for multi-day rafting expeditions. Both of them are in my wish list.

Have an adventures & health year. You know how to reach me. If not, X @rajspace

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