I won the battle of Airtel

As Bharti Airtel celebrated its 100 millionth customer a few days, I was still fighting the battle of Airtel to get my personal number unlocked. It has been locked since 2 months for non-payment of bills. The reality: Airtel has screwed up with the change in account numbers somewhere around december-jan. Call centre say my account number is X and payment received for Dec and Mar. My online account at airtel.in says my account number is Y and payment received for Jan and Feb! As usual, the “programmed robots” that answer at the customer miscare center took me on a roaster coaster. (I love them but hated this one).

Anyways, a rare soul with a logical mind at the “airtel relationship centre” cooperated yesterday – unlocked my number and assured me the accounts will be reconciled the coming week. hope so! 

Bottom line, my personal is now active. If you tried reaching me in last 2 months, you have to try just once more. I am talking about 99802XXXXX.