Elevator aka lift antics

Why do elevators have mirrors? It was the solution to complaints by people about the slow speeds of operation! Mirror creates a distraction, gives people something to do.

So, what people do in a elevator during those few seconds or minutes-

  • Count the days to go for the next weekend
  • Calculate the hours of sleep last night
  • Admire the wedding/engagement ring
  • Satisfy cravings of digging nose and biting nails
  • Set your hairs, count white hairs
  • Kill mosquitoes
  • Use shiner for the shoes or simply wipe on the back of the trousers
  • Are finger nails ready for the chop?
  • Check socks in both legs are of the same color
  • Count the number of tooth cavities
  • Last but not the least, watch others do the antics!

If this sounds fun, take this survey based on these antics (you can suggest your own too) and contribute to the study on elevator antics!