Days in Spain/Catalonia: Happy bartenders of Barcelona

One of the positives of solo travel- one has no choice but to watch others! Especially in vibrant cities like the one am in now, Barcelona. It is a insightful and fun experience.

Last evening at La Pizza Del Born (If one thinks the best pizzas are always thin crust, this place will change that opinion. Thick can be just as good when made at this place!), I watched an enthusiastic team of 2 men and a lady serve drinks and pizzas at the buzzing place. Amidst the busy servings, the lady made 3 shots of some drink, went to the men and they cheered with a smile. The next moment they were back to work. One taking orders of pizza, another making tables and the lady pulling vessels from the dish washer. I have no clue if it was an occasion or a daily affair. Nevertheless, the spirit of happiness in the team was warming to watch.

Today, sitting outside the Cactus Bar, watched the lady at the counter walk out to meet a bunch of friends, click a few fun photos, bid goodbye with the customary kisses and getting back to work.

I have no clue if they are really happy but I got my dose of the happiness hormones!