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New job offer- To take the plunge or hang on

Picture this- You receive the much awaited email from the HR recruiter. You click into it, download the attached offer letter and open it to find the offer match or even exceed your expectations- the designation sounds sexy, the salary increase ranks you on the top of the chart among friends, the salary structure is […]

Walk up to the front sooner than later, it helps

Corporate team events (off-sites, team building, leadership meetups) usually begin with an introduction. People take turns answering basic questions about them. Most times, they are coupled with “share something others don’t know about you” kinda twists to make the activity interesting. Inevitably, few smart and hilarious responses generate some lols and rofls (God save, if […]

Eliminate, Delegate & Retain – The 3 bucket approach to get back on the path of a motivated & happy work life

After the initial years of most of our careers, when we enter the middle management, the responsibilities at work tend to be broad & inevitably longer. Time will seem scarce. Adding an extra hour or two will not yield significant results. The “flow” is disrupted. Thoughts are interrupted, reaching dead ends very often. Meetings & […]

Understanding the mind, brain & heart of your boss

Bosses are humans too hence come with variety of minds, brains & hearts. They can be placed in 3 categories: Bad. Good but… Excellent but… Bad. is read as “bad period”! Simply incapable. You are plain unlucky. 0% brain, 50% mind, heart is immaterial. Good but… are capable humans, good at heart. However, lack the […]