making a curry of my order!

Though I had followed the book release of Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish on Rashmi Bansal’s blog, I did not get a opportunity to buy one. Last Thursday, I read a couple of chapters from a copy I lent from a colleague in the cab. The same night, I ordered the book from Why BookCurry? Because it seemed to be the “official” seller since it was the only listed online retailer on the book’s “official” website.

A week down the lane, the delivery is still expected tomorrow! Somebody from the website is nice to respond to the daily emails promptly. He or she also seems to be in touch with DTDC on the delivery. However, the curry the book is still awaited. I paid a delivery charge too for this lousy service. I am foolish, s0 I remain hungry?

Update: The book made its way after a more than a week. The DTDC parcel tracker never showed the real date of delivery!!!

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  1. Monimala


    We received your order on July 1st and the book was couriered to you on July2.

    Courier details

    Consignment Details…

    Shipment No.: Z94654481 Reference No.: N/A

    Booked by: ASHOK VIHAR, DELHI On: Thursday, July 02, 2009

    No of Pieces: 1

    Status: OUT FOR DELIVERY Last Scanned: Tuesday, July 07, 2009

    At : BANGALORE, 560085

    Additional Details… Z94654481

    Date From –ยป To Status

    Thu, Jul 02, 2009 WAZIRPUR BRANCH, DELHI CHAMRAJPET BRANCH, BANGALORE Dispatched via Manifest # Z0313078

    Sat, Jul 04, 2009 NORTHERN RO, DELHI CHAMRAJPET BRANCH, BANGALORE Received via Manifest # Z0313078


    Tue, Jul 07, 2009 CHAMRAJPET BRANCH, BANGALORE Out for delivery via Manifest # B2137587

    Tue, Jul 07, 2009 CHAMRAJPET BRANCH, BANGALORE Consignment Released

    According to the courier person we are in contact with, the book has been delivered.

  2. Monimala

    Dear Curry basher,
    May be our best is not enough. You very well know that it was held up by dtdc but still you chose to spoil our name in the market. Dtdc is run by anil ambani group and the reason we chose it is because it gives our customers tracking facility. We have zero control apart from calling them 10 times a day and explaining them as a customer that our goods are not delivered. Anyways we r happy to return ur money and feel sorry that u cudnt get the book on time. But ur reaction surprises us and makes us feel low and discouraged in life. Thanks for ur kind support and positive advertisement. Rgds

  3. Rajiv Post author

    @Sunil…. I am still the old-styled guy – walk up to one of the book stores, spend time turning a few pages and ofcourse, buy some :)

    I understand. I did not want to disturb that habit, So did not make a “check out new template” post! ;)

  4. Rajiv Post author

    @BookCurry… I have no intent to bash or spoil your name. As a customer, this is my experience. period.

    As your point of “we are helpless”- Am sorry. All I can say is that you need to get some lessons on doing business i.e business is all about managing uncertainities to provide the committed product on time at the right place.

    By blaming it on your service provider, you are simply expressing your lack of control over the parameters that influence any business.

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