I have not watched a single episode of Seinfield nor his standup comedy. I did not know how popular he and his shows are! Then why did I add the Tim Ferris interview of Jerry Seinfield to the listen queue?

  • “he was offered $5 million per show to stay on another season – but quit because he knew the thing that made the show great was slipping away.” from Morgan Housel’s blog
  • Systems, Routines, and Methods in the title of the podcast! (a case of catchy-headline bias!)

1 insight:

  1. On writing – It is hard (arduous, painful, pushing against the wind in soft, muddy ground with a wheelbarrow full of bricks). No one can write all day. Two phases in writing: free-play creative phase followed by polish and construction phase. After you finish writing a piece, cherish the wonderful moment. Wait for a day before sharing with others. 95 percent rewrite.

2 experiences:

  1. Verbal duel with the owner of The Comedy Store in LA (Jerry was 25 years old): I was angry. I was angry. I was frustrated. I was resentful. But I used that. It was just fuel for me. She wasn’t stopping me. Nobody was going to stop me. But when someone is that hostile to you, that can be a very good thing if you’re tough, if you’re tough enough to eat that shit and say, “She’s not stopping me.”. I went from three days a week to seven right there.
  2. As a parent, Jerry did not have time for meals with friends and that is when “coffee happened”.

3 ideas:

  1. Survival is the new success
  2. Life in the 40s – “You get this free ride till you’re, let’s be generous, 43, and then God goes, “You know what? I’m going to move on to the people in their — 16 to 23 and I’m going to give them my best. If you want to hang around, you can hang around, but I’m not giving you anything anymore. It’s on you now. If you want to stick around, go ahead, but I got nothing for you. You figure it out.”
  3. The mind & brain are different. Mind is the wisdom. Brian is primitive/stupid so systemization & repetitiveness is the key to master

Following books were referred to: Is This Anything? by Jerry Seinfield, The Last Laugh by Phil Berger, Body for Life by Bill Phillips, Seriously Funny by Gerald Nachman

Link: https://tim.blog/2020/12/08/jerry-seinfeld/