In the 2000s, Contest2Win was a significant Indian internet success story & Alok Kejriwal was the brains behind it. I looked up to Alok in those days. Hence was curious to hear to his thoughts & what is he up to recently.

1 insight:

  1. Gaming/sports has strong sense of engagement. So much that people watch other people play even when they are not going to win [or have the pleasure of playing]

2 experiences:

  1. Softbank was early investor in Contests2win. Softbank invited Alok to China & helped establish the Mobile2win business. (2001)
  2. Alok’s company Mobile2win came up with idea to use SMS for the TV show Indian Idol voting (2002)

3 ideas:

  1. Startups that change human behaviours become big
  2. Difference between a mature & young entrepreneur: knowing what to punish yourself for & what not to.
  3. Entrepreneurship requires deep insight. Such deep insights come from silence which in turns comes from being meditative.