Many years back I happened to visit the office of a travel agency. One of the posters caught my attention. It was a long shot composed of lush green mountains with a water-filled deep & narrow valley. A ship in the long spanse of still waters that looked tiny from the distance. The picture stayed with me forever. It was such a mystic, as if it could never exist in real.

Along the way, I somehow figured that was Norway. Yet I never explored online or looked up travel opportunities even after I had got travel savvy: hunting travel deals & doing vacations on a steal. Such was the feeling.

Earlier this year I happened to visit Sweden on a solo business travel. Just a month later, we were a feet above the ground when we figured an opportunity. Out came a 10 day itinerary covering a part of Scandinavia – Stockholm, of course Norway & Copenhagen. I had written about the itinerary & how we made it a few months back.

After a few days in Stockholm, we entered Norway by SJ, the Swedish national train operator. Without seat numbers, insufficient air ventilation & a coughing & sneezing co-passenger, it wasn’t the best few hours inside the black and rugged coach┬ábut lovely countryside outside.

Bottom line? Norway exists! More to follow…

Meanwhile, enjoy this funny take on Norway by stand-up comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding