We made a short drive out trip to George Sunshine Village for the last couple of days.

About 100kms of good roads from Bangalore on NH209 and a last stretch of rugged terrain (about 5kms), Georgia Sunshine is close to Talakad & Shivanasamudram- Ganganachukki (bluff) and Barachukki falls. It is a small cozy resort, passionately run by the couple, Georgia and Leonard. Just about 10 rooms spread out yet within a close reach to the central area. The rooms are tidy and well kept. Aashira was delighted to find kids’ bunker beds in the room!

The central area is tastefully done with some lovely artifacts and collectibles. The couple cook themself and it shows up in every lip smacking meal. (The last day breakfast, we guess they got some of it from outside which was a bit of a downer). Though they don’t advertise it on their website, they are pet friendly (and child friendly). They have about 9 dogs, all so well behaved that Aashira was petting them without hesitation! There are also ducks, rabbits, and pigeons.

Ideal destination for those with young children or in the look out for a quiet spot with abundant open space & fresh air.