Schneider Electric acquired part of Zicom’s security business in India. The news received business media attention since Zicom is listed in Indian stock markets. So, came with it some publicity for Schneider Electric too. However-

1. Bloomberg UTV on TV referred to Schneider Electric as “Schneider Electronics”, at least once when I heard
2. Bloomberg UTV on its website referred to Schneider Electric as “Schneider Electric India is part of Luxembourg-based Schneider Group”! This seems to have been corrected later but google can find the error
3. Times of India newspaper referred to Schneider Electric as Germany based!

These are just 3 instances I came across. There could more. I wonder if these are errors by the media or Schneider’s insufficient public relations act. By the way, Schneider Electric is based in Paris.

(Disclosure: I work for Schneider Electric, Bangalore office.)