Though I had followed the book release of Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish on Rashmi Bansal’s blog, I did not get a opportunity to buy one. Last Thursday, I read a couple of chapters from a copy I lent from a colleague in the cab. The same night, I ordered the book from Why BookCurry? Because it seemed to be the “official” seller since it was the only listed online retailer on the book’s “official” website.

A week down the lane, the delivery is still expected tomorrow! Somebody from the website is nice to respond to the daily emails promptly. He or she also seems to be in touch with DTDC on the delivery. However, the curry the book is still awaited. I paid a delivery charge too for this lousy service. I am foolish, s0 I remain hungry?

Update: The book made its way after a more than a week. The DTDC parcel tracker never showed the real date of delivery!!!