Aashira is 6 months and 10 days now. She is now manageable in restaurants. We have learnt to keep her entertained in restaurants, malls etc. So, we decided to buffet at Cafe Masala in Eva Mall. Just as we entered the restaurant, down came the rains pouring. In most cases, we would have been happy to be indoors in such heavy rains. In this unusual case, it wasn’t so! Guess what! Rain water started dripping from the roof of the restaurant. Then it got intense. Interestingly, it was mostly over the salads! It seemed like a tropical touch! Cafe Masala turned¬†Cafe Messala!¬†The folks in the restaurant got brisk and responded very well to the situation without panic or high drama. One of them even took pictures of the dripping roof in his mobile phone. I guess to sue the architect or contractor :). Though all this may seem like a horrifying experience, it wasn’t! It was amusing. Aashira loves any kind of action (moving traffic on roads, changing colors on TV) and this seemed like play being enacted with the audience in the stage too! In a while, the situation was normalised. I have no clue what they did but the dripping stopped while the rain continued. Memories from the buffet: Chocolate brownie dipped in white chocolate sauce. Meanwhile, the buffet includes a host of grills at start like bbq nation.

Trivia: Cafe Masala is part of the BJN Group which also owns a impressive list of other restaurants – Angeethi, Aromas of China, Bombay Post, Indijoe, Samarkhand, Bamboo Shoot, Hypnos, Vaayu, Sahib Sindh Sultan,Firangi Paan!