My new job got me to Rueil-Malmaison, France for a few weeks. A western suburb, just 12kms, from central Paris, well-connected by local trains, yet technically considered outside of Paris!

The most striking thing as I got to the hotel in a taxi from Charles De Gualle (Paris airport) was the writings on the walls along the road. The writings were comparable to those unwanted and unsolicited ones back in India. But I guess, in Paris its art!?! :)

Getting back to “Charles De Gualle”! How does the pronunciation go? It goes like “Sharl du gol”. Getting a pronunciation right is fun here. With some practice, I seem to got the basic greetings right. (Certified by my 2 French colleagues :)). The true test of my pronunciation skills will be on this weekend, when I plan to visit some of the popular spots in Paris.

Dined in Indian restaurant last night & Japanese tonight. Japanese wasn’t impressive. A good Japanese friend in Frankfurt tells me that many Chinese run the Japanese restaurants. So, I guess Japanese food cooked by Chinese with a French touch isn’t going well with Indian! ;)

The owner of Indian restaurant made an interesting point- the recession is taking a toll on business, pointing to the rows of empty tables. Contrast that to Bangalore and restaurants, resorts & traffic – everything seems to be going full.

Met 4 young Indian chaps at the Indian restaurant. 3 of them study petroleum at IFP and 1 works in Total, possibly also IFP alum. Its interesting to meet new people venturing into different avenues.

The experience of sorts happened day 1 at the office cafeteria. As I was lost in the size and variety for lunch in the cafeteria, the cashier in the counter freaks me out with just 2 words – “tamil tereyama” (means do you know Tamil?). #$%^&*(*&^%$%^&*( :O I was baffled! The environment was further deceiving. I recovered from my shock and discovered it was the Pondicherry connection! :)

Awaiting weekend… Planning a long walk starting from Arc De Trimpho, through¬†Champs Elysees, Louvre,¬†Cathedrale Notre Dame ending at the des Arts pedestrian bridge over River Seine. Here is the plan on Google Maps.

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