AI tipping point – It is time to think

Zerodha, founded in 2010, is India’s largest stock broker by the number of active clients (6m). They are unique in many ways & adopt counter-intuitive ideas such as philosophy of user disengagement, never advertised its products, no external funding etc. Kailash Nadh, Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence & Computational Linguistics, is the CTO and is popular for writing in 2019: “powered by […]

A letter to a newly married couple

I was unable to attend a cousin’s wedding during Covid times in early 2021. The missed opportunity was the catalyst for this letter. It has been edited for public reading without diluting the essence. I review & update it annually since then. Here is latest one updated on 6-Aug-2022. Check this out – / […]

What did I learn from Reshma Nilofer

I am fascinated by the shipping industry. 90% of world logistics happens through maritime. 100s of seafarers are held hostage at any given time and hardly any of us care! The TED talk I have watched the most times is Inside the secret shipping industry by Rose George. In a connected world, only 10% of […]

What did I learn from Micheal Saylor

Micheal Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, came up in my radar when I was developing deeper interest in bitcoin (reading this & listening to this). In Aug 2020, Saylor invested $250 million in bitcoins using Microstrategy’s cash in the balance sheet. An investor buying bitcoins is one but a business owner of a publicly listed company […]

What did I learn from Alok Kejriwal

In the 2000s, Contest2Win was a significant Indian internet success story & Alok Kejriwal was the brains behind it. I looked up to Alok in those days. Hence was curious to hear to his thoughts & what is he up to recently. 1 insight: Gaming/sports has strong sense of engagement. So much that people watch […]